What is the Difference Between Blockchain ETFs and Bitcoin ETFs?

Published on: 19 Sep 14:51

We’ve been talking a lot about Bitcoin ETFs here at cDuel’s blog. Today, we’ll add another interesting component to the mix: blockchain ETFs. cDuel offers the best online cryptocurrency trading simulator, which offers you a chance to trade cryptocurrency in a risk-free manner for free. When you play our trading simulator game, you’ll have a chance to play against others and try to maximize your return on investments. Sign up today!


As we discussed in previous blog posts, ad ETF, or an Exchange Traded Fund, is a collection of securities that tracks an index. A blockchain is the underlying technology that powers cryptocurrency. Blockchains are recorded pieces of information that is stored in a public database that are extremely hard to change once created. They are added to chains for all to see. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.

In 2018, four blockchain ETFs launched that are traded in regulated markets. These blockchain ETFs mainly use as their index companies who have invested in blockchain technology. They also track the performance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through futures contracts or by holding some cryptocurrency assets. The idea of blockchains and their potential for global markets and more secure transactions have been embraced by big names, such as IBM and Maersk, as well as Overstock and tzero. Blockchain ETS are currently less volatile than Bitcoin ETFs because they are not exposed to the volatility of Bitcoin currency itself. They also have a huge potential to grow as more and more companies embrace blockchain technology for their use, either in their business or in their trading with other businesses.

That being said,cDuel points out that blockchain ETFs are still new and thus have a small market presence. They are also a bit more volatile due to blockchains themselves. Bitcoin ETFs have yet to have their day in court and are still awaiting SEC embracement and some sort of either market regulation or stabilization of Bitcoin to take off.


cDuel believes any approval of anything related to cryptocurrency is a good thing. As mainstream businesses and Wall Street begin to open up to the idea of cryptocurrency, the more likely cryptocurrency will come into everyday use. cDuel anticipates this acceptance by helping educate you on how cryptocurrency works by offering a cryptocurrency trading simulator game that removes all risk so you can focus on your strategies and on learning all about cryptocurrency. You’ll be able to trade cryptocurrency using real-market values and see how your trades work out.

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